The following classes are available to players:

Core rulebook:

  • Barbarian - Fierce warriors who rely on their rage to fuel their fighting.
  • Bard - Loremasters and entertainers who strengthen their allies through their performances
  • Cleric - Divine magic users who smite their enemies and defend their allies
  • Druid - Nature magic users who can shift forms and communicate with animals
  • Fighter - Masters of combat who gain specialization with their favored weapons  and armor.
  • Monk - Masters of unarmed fighting and spiritual enlightenment
  • Paladin - Holy warriors who serve their order or god with unwavering devotion.
  • Ranger - Trackers, hunters, and warriors who specialize in fighting against the monsters that would encroach on civilization.
  • Rogue - Masters of stealth and deception who can deal massive damage with a single, well-placed strike.
  • Sorcerer - Arcane spell casters who rely on instinct and natural ability, rather than preparation and book-learning.
  • Wizard - Arcane spell casters who use their training and knowledge to overcome obstacles.

Advanced Player's Guide

  • Alchemist - Master chemists who mimic magical effects with their concoctions.
  • Cavalier - Mounted combatants who form a unique bond with their mounts.
  • Inquisitor - Warriors in the service of a church who root out heretics.
  • Oracle - Divine spell casters who have been touched directly by their gods, but with great power comes some drawbacks…
  • Summoner - Arcane magic users who specialize in conjuring creatures to do their bidding. They have a unique eidolon as their constant companion.
  • Witch - Arcane magic users who use hexes to defeat their foes.

Ultimate Magic:

  • Magus - Magic users trained to channel their magic through their swords.


  • Aegis - Psychic warriors who use their mental power to construct defensive armor. They keep their allies safe by putting themselves in the way of their foes.
  • Marksman - Psychic warriors who specialize in using their ranged weapons in ways others could only dream of.
  • Psion - Masters of the powers of the mind. They use their mental powers in the way that wizards use their spells.
  • Psychic Warrior - Warriors who specialize in using their mental powers to bolster their combat abilities.
  • Soulknife - Warriors who manifest their mental power as a physical weapon.
  • Vitalist - Empaths who heal others wounds by taking them on themselves.


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