Elves all stem from the fallen empires. These empires of non-humans fell long before humans arrived. Most elves are organized into various clans that control a range of territory, few have any large holdings, with the exception of the Clan of the Radiant Spear.

Elven Racial Traits


  • Clan of the Scorched Hand: Denizens of the Whispering Waste and the nearby volcanic mountains. This clan of elves are obsessed with flame. Their culture involves elaborate rituals and scarification involving fire. The greatest feat of holiness is to be consumed by the flames, but few are "worthy" of this lofty achievement. 
  • Clan of the Radiant Spear: The Elven city of Wahyrst, the city of bells, is perched amid the Bilnargil Spires. This ancient stronghold is home to the most powerful clan of elves. The city has thousands of bells built into its architecture, but they have remained silent for the past thousand years. The Clan of the Radiant Spear claim to be descended from the Al'Aniri Elves (the oldest Fallen Empire). They are a martial clan and are among the most formidable warriors in the region. They have lost much of their magical heritage, though some remains among a small number of Magi that protect the city.
  • Clan of the Evernight: The elves of Evernight are deeply religious and devoted to the goddess Nontial. These elves live in the jungles surrounding the Bilnargil Spires including the Crimson Jungle and the Caja Jungle. These elves are mainly nocturnal and have pale skin and eyes. They are secretive and somewhat xenophobic, thus few outsiders have ever seen their tribal groups. The Clan of the Evernight excells at stealth and shadow magic, and a few exiles are occasionally hired for nefarious deeds.
  • Clan of the Silent Song: The elves of the Silent Song live far from the other clans. The elves make the Haunted Jungle their home, and live entirely in silence. Due to this they have developed telepathic abilities among others of their kind, and older or more powerful individuals can extend this to include those they are close to.
  • Clan of the Whispering Stones: The Clan of the Whispering Stones live in the twisting maze of tunnels below the western half of the continent. Numerous entrances dot the landscape.  This clan claims to be able to speak to the soul of the world. They live underground to be closer to their god, Ulithu


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