Halflings hail from three main regions: The Yijin Plains, the Kara Waste, and the Pikilla Jungle.

Halfling Racial Traits

Halflings of the Yijin Plains are master horsemen, and their cavaliers are renowned. They live in wandering communities and range from about Reham to the Hiford Keep. They are welcoming of outsiders and they act as merchants and also hire out a large number of their knights as mercenaries and bodyguards, but only if they agree with the principles of those who hire them.

Halflings of the Kara Wastes have formed partially undergound cities and are experts of desert survival. Their culture revolves around taming the denizens of the Wastes, and they have domesticated a number of odd species.

Halflings of the Pikilla Jungle are primitive and feral. They have a large population of rangers and druids who form bonds with the native dinosaur species of the jungle. Their berserkers are a menace to the region and few travelers are willing to risk traveling through the Pikilla Jungle.


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