The Ophiduan are reptilian humanoids who are descendants of some of the oldest beings on the planet. The progenitor races from the dawn of time gave birth to various species, few of whom are extant today. The Ophiduan live in communes  tucked away in isolated places. Many of these communes exist beneath the mountain ranges, while others dot the swamps and marshes. 

Ophiduans don't relate well to the warm blooded humanoids, and their outlook on life can seem strange. They often have obsessive temperments and many dedicate their lives to a single goal, that they pursue relentlessly. Ophiduan Monks seek perfection of their martial prowess, while Psions and the like may seek perfection of mind. Others look to discover the ultimate truths of the universe, or hunt for the primal magics of their ancestors.

Few humans have seen an Ophiduan, and they are often mistaken for Lizardfolk. There is no particular prejudice against them, but they may make others uncomfortable.

Also, they enjoy eating eyes.

Ophiduan Racial Traits


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